Anchor Accused of Choking Wife Resigns: Rob Morrison Threatened Son Too

A CBS News anchor in New York with a record of making threats against his family has resigned from his position following accusations that he attempted to choke his wife.

WCBS news anchor Rob Morrison has resigned from his position as a news anchor following a Sunday incident in which he is accused of choking his wife, CBS MoneyWatch anchor Ashley Morrison, at their Connecticut home. Morrison explained that he was stepping down from his position to focus on his family.

"My family is my first and only priority right now and I have informed CBS management that I need to put all of my time and energy into making sure that I do what's best for my wife and my son," Morrison said Wednesday, following a meeting with higher ups. "I very much appreciate the opportunity that CBS has given me and I thank them for accepting my decision."

While in custody, Morrison allegedly became further enraged and threatened to kill his wife as soon as he was released from prison.

"I can't go home tonight man, I'm f------ killing her!" a vodka-fueled Morrison, 44, slurred to a cop booking him Sunday, according to the police report obtained by The New York Post. Ashley's brother, Dr. Gregory Risk, said Morrison had made threats to kill his wife and his son in the past.

"G. Risk stated that in the past R. Morrison commented to him that if A. Morrison leaves him he would shoot their son in front of her and then shoot her," police wrote according to The Post.

Responding to news that Morrison has resigned, Morrison's mother in-law suggested that losing his job was part of "paying the piper."

"I don't want to see anybody's life destroyed," Martha Risk told the Daily News. "What do people say - we have to pay the piper? We all pay for what we do in some way."