Andre Davis HIV Case: Sentenced to 32 Years

A Cincinnati man and former pro-wrestler has been convicted for deliberately not telling the women he slept with that he was HIV positive.

Andre Davis, 29, who was convicted in November on 14 counts of felonious assault and was sentenced in Hamilton County to 32 years in prison; he had faced over 100 years.

Prosecutors claim that Davis violated state law by not telling a dozen sex partners about his HIV status. Davis told the judge on Monday that he was a "sex addict" after getting the HIV test results his addiction grew worse after he could no longer become a professional wrestler, according to WLWT.

"Drugs and alcohol are terrible, but sex is something everybody wants," he said. Davis, who said he did not tell anyone about the HIV test results because he was afraid he family would know. Davis claimed he never meant to hurt anyone.

"I am not a monster," he said. Assistant prosecutor Amy Tranter argued during the trial that Davis should go to prison for a long time claiming it was his responsibility to tell the women of his test results.

Davis' attorney, Greg Cohen, Cohen said Monday that his client was remorseful for his actions, but added that the women Davis slept with should take some responsibility for having unprotected sex, according to WPCO.

The judge had prohibited attorneys from bringing up whether any of the women were infected due to medical privacy laws.

The Ohio state law is rather vague because it requires those who test positive for HIV to inform their sex partners but it is not necessary to show proof of the results that Davis was HIV-positive, Tranter said.

Cohen told The Associated Press that an appeal will be filed. He stated that the constitutionality of the law "is probably going to be raised, and there are some legal issues regarding the admission of certain types of evidence."