Andrew Palau's 'Fun in the Son' Music Festival Brings the Gospel to Haiti

This upcoming weekend will mark the beginning of the second annual Fun in the Son festival, a week-long open air festival in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, organized by American evangelist Andrew Palau in collaboration with the Haiti Broilers, a local poultry company.

Palau and his ministry team will spend March 9-16 in the central public park of Haiti's capital city, known as the Champs de Mars, to hold free medical clinics, action sports demos, and children's programs, among other events.

The week of festivities will culminate with a free open-air music festival, available to all Haitians wishing to attend.

Additionally, Palau will be delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ to all those attending the festival through Gospel celebrations and talks.

"There is no question, many thousands of people will hear the Gospel through this campaign," Luis Palau, founder of the evangelical Luis Palau Association and Andrew Palau's father, said in a statement emailed to The Christian Post.

The senior Palau, who has previously organized evangelical festivals in several parts of the world, including the highly successful 2008 "Best Dressed 50Fest" in Kingston, Jamaica, added in that he hopes this year's Fun in the Son festival will help Haitians continue their healing from the 2010 earthquake which left nearly 1 million island residents homeless.

"It is my prayer that this festival will clearly mark a turning point for Haiti; that those stuck in the pain and frustration of the past would find healing and hope," Palau added.

In a recent YouTube video, Wendy Palau, Andrew's wife, requested all those in the Christian community pray for the Fun in the Son mission.

"Our number one prayer is that many, many lives will be eternally changed through giving their lives to Jesus Christ," Palau said in the video.

"A changed life will change that city, and change that nation, and that's why we go," Palau added.

According to the Luis Palau Association's official website, the idea for the Fun in the Son festival came about in 2010, when Andrew Palau, Christopher Levy, CEO of the Jamaica Broilers, the largest poultry distributor in the Caribbean, and Christian recording artist TobyMac hatched the idea of spreading the Gospel to Haiti through a free festival.

Last year's first Fun in the Son festival attracted nearly 30,000 Haitians, and this year the event is expected to be equally, if not more, popular.

Andrew Palau has previously hosted Gospel festivals in numerous countries, including Indonesia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Jamaica, among other places.