Android 4.1 to Be Called JellyBean?

Recent rumors have stated that Android 5.0 will be named JellyBean. But is now reporting that Google will name Android 4.1 JellyBean instead.

Google is currently preparing to roll out the new software and the JellyBean name has been confirmed by Samsung, according to the tech site.

It is expected to launch later on this year and little is known about its features and UI Improvements at the moment.

The latest version of Android software available is Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The ICS upgrade has rolled out for many smartphones and tablets in countries around the world including the Galaxy S2. However, the software has not yet made its way to the devices in the U.S.

The update for the Galaxy S2 began rolling out in India earlier this week.

Pictures of the smartphone running the new software have surfaced on a Samsung Galaxy S2 Facebook account.

The company also recently updated its list of countries that have or will be rolling out the Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the Galaxy S2 and its Skyrocket variant.

No dates for the upgrade were confirmed for the U.S. However, the list does provide Samsung fans with the devices that are confirmed for ICS in the states.

The roll out of the Ice Cream Sandwich update has been slow, but Samsung has promised that it will be in the United States soon.

The company stated that owners of the older versions of the Galaxy S2 should be able to update their devices in the coming weeks. However, customers who do not want to wait until it comes out can purchase new S2 models with the software pre-installed in India.