Android 4.3 Update Rolling Out to Nexus Devices First, Galaxy S4 and HTC One to Follow Shortly

The Android 4.3 update was finally unveiled at Google's media event that took place earlier today.

The new software will roll out to Nexus devices immediately with other popular smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One receiving it a bit later on down the line. However, the wait should not be too long for those users.

Android 4.3 comes pre-installed in the Nexus 7 successor that was also unveiled at the media event. The new software was demonstrated on the tablet.

The upgrade to Android will bring new capabilities to the multi-user mode that is currently available on JellyBean-powered tablets. A new restricted profile feature will allow tablet owners to customize the kind of access other people have on certain devices. In this restricted mode, apps will be available to multiple profiles, but they will function differently. In-app purchases will not be available in restricted profiles so children will be prevented from making unwanted transactions.

The long rumored Bluetooth Smart feature will also be available on Android 4.3. It will basically allow a device to conduct more Bluetooth activity without draining too much power. Users will be able to pair a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices to the Android 4.3-powered one.

The software also comes with OpenGL ES 3.0 which will give game developers more freedom and ability to create impressive titles for tablet and smartphone users.

Other features added to Android on 4.3 include easier text input, faster user-switching, Hebrew and Arabic RTL, Bluetooth AVRCP, background Wi-Fi location, dial pad autocomplete, and African, Amharic, Hindi Swahili and Zulu support.

Android 4.3 will debut on the new Nexus 7 and will roll out OTA as an update for the Nexus 10, Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus first.