Android App Alternatives to iPhone's Siri

The iPhone 4S has virtual assistant Siri, but Android phones also have options for voice-controlled applications that deliver the same service at a complimentary price.

With over 1 million downloads, Vlingo is one of the best voice-control Android app. Vlingo sends texts and emails, voice dials, finds local restaurants and businesses, opens apps, and updates Twitter or Facebook with a voice command. The ad-free version is $1.99.

Google Voice Search
Voice Search sends an SMS or email, gives directions, and more. However, there is not much configuration and it requires much on-screen button interaction.

Like Siri, Edwin is built on Wolfram Alpha’s database. Edwin makes calls; gives map directions, tweets, and more. However, users will also need to install the free SpeechSynthesis and TTS Extended utility apps to operate Edwin.

Speaktoit Assistant
Instead of a text-only interface, users can interact with animated avatars, with customizable skin color, hairstyle, and clothing when operating voice-command features.

Reads Facebook posts, tweets, update a status, and “Like” comments by voice command. Users can also listen to a specific friend’s Facebook Wall or news page by saying his or her name.