Android Apps Free Download: Angry Birds Stella, Transformers Release Date Coming Soon (Trailer)

Youtube/FileStella and her bird-crew being confronted by Gale and her minions.

Android fans will be excited to hear about the latest Android apps free download news: Rovio is set to roll out its latest Angry Birds installment, to be called Angry Birds Stella.

According to NDTV Gadgets, Rovio – the creators who brought us the massively popular game Angry Birds – will soon release its newest game installment, Angry Birds Stella.

Earlier this week, the Finnish mobile gaming firm took to its Social Media account to announce the news. Included in the announcement were the date and the link to the trailer.

Reports also indicated the game's all-female ensemble with the names Luca, Poppy, Dahlia, Willow, and Gale with her piggy sidekicks.

It is revealed furthermore in the game's website that Stella –"the fiercest and feistiest of the Angry birds" – was good friends with Gale until the latter went "down a darker path" along with her hog minions.

On top of that, Rovio also announced the ongoing Angry Birds Transformers; a battle between the so-called "AutoBirds" and the "Deceptihogs."

Meanwhile it has been reported of another "freemium" game that Android users should grab a hold of – 'Don't Touch the Spikes,' from the app developer company Ketchapp.

The game will possess a similar premise as Flappy Bird in which the user taps the screen allowing the bird to hover in the air. However in 'DTTS,' instead of pipes, the entire expanse of the game will be filled with spikes, from top to bottom, left and right, of the screen.

Another difficulty aspect that players will face will be the ever-changing background colors. This will occur each time the player passes 5 levels.

Perks in the game include 'candies' that will appear every other level. These candies will be used to redeem other 'birdy characters.'

Unlike 'Stella,' 'Don't Touch the Spikes' is already available for free download on Play Store.

Watch the Angry Birds Stella trailer below: