Android for HP TouchPad LIVES!

Shortly after HP announced its massive price cut on HP TouchPad to $99, programmers began to work on an Android OS to replace the unpopular webOS, and now there appear to be signs of life for the anticipated OS.

Allegedly the HP TouchPad is getting a taste of Android 2.2.

Two YouTube videos show evidence of the tablet running the Android OS. The videos flash a Qualcomm Innovation Center (Quic) logo.

According to AOL’s Qualcomm replied “no comment on the video” in an attempt to find out whether the tablet running the OS is legitimate or not.

Since the sale of the TouchPad began last week, many people have been posting them on eBay hoping to sell it for double the reduced prize after all stores sold out of the tablet.

Currently one eBay user is offering the tablet as running on Android software. The eBay user, HacknMod is selling the coveted gem for the staggering price of $2,150.

One owner of the TouchPad carrying the Android OS confirmed that the Qualcomm’s video is just a test unit. According to the user, jiwanish, the Android-powered TouchPad cannot download apps nor have access to the Android Market.

Even though the OS by Qualcomm is unconfirmed, Team TouchDroid in a statement released Wednesday said they are still “moving forwards” and that the project “is in the early processes with many of its members still acquiring their devices.”

Their statement added that “Seeing the value of porting the successful Android operating system to the discontinued device, the group of developers began brainstorming and discussion.”

Their plans include utilizing “Android 2.3.5 for the beta and, once complete, move on to Honeycomb or its successor at the time of the beta's completion.”