Android Malware Jumps 472 Percent - How to Avoid Malware on Your Smartphone?

Although the Android mobile operating system may be rapidly expanding across various mobile markets, along with it comes the rise of malware.

The Juniper Global Threat Center reported that the popular platform has experienced a 472 percent rise in malware since July 2011, which if placed into perspective is exponentially higher compared to the 400 percent increase of malware for the Android platform between the summers of 2009 and 2010.

Malware can manipulate a user’s device in order to perform various commands such as stealing personal information and spamming. However the Threat Center found out that of the known malware samples 55 percent of them acted as a form of spyware and 44 percent acted as SMS Trojans - malware that sends SMS messages to numbers with charge and the money not recoverable.

Who is behind these attacks?

According to the report, the attacks are probably originating from the same developers that formerly wrote malicious code for Nokia's Symbian platform and/or Windows Mobile platform which are now less popular. Android on the other hand is experiencing continuous market growth and influence making it a favorite for developers.

What can you do to avoid malware on your smartphone?

The best answer for this is to do thorough research. Before installing an app on your device, do some research by reading reviews from developers who have used the app. Then double check by reading what the masses are saying. Also, try avoiding installing apps that are new on the block. Allow some time to pass and some knowledge about it to be gathered before trusting it.