Androidland Launches as the World’s First Android Store

Androidland is the first retail store solely dedicated to the Android brand made popular by Google and it has opened in Australia.

Android, the world’s most popular operating software for devices such as smartphones and tablets, now has its own brick and mortar location. Plans for the store began in July.

Androidland features a spaceship replica where customers can play Angry Birds or use Google Earth on a large screen. It also has a gingerbread aroma flooding the store to make a more authentic Android experience based on Google’s latest Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread smartphone software.

It is located at Bourke Street in Melbourne. It carries a wide range of Android smartphones, tablets, working robots, and many accessories.

Telstra, one of the country’s main telecommunications and media companies, operates the new store. Telstra worked closely with Google and other partners on this 154 square feet Android retail location.

Telstra plans to operate Androidland for at least six months to gauge interest based on foot traffic and revenue targets. If those goals are met, the location will stay open longer and other Android stores will begin to open elsewhere.

Website 9to5 Google commented on how this could be a strategic move for Google in expanding its Android platform.

“Dedicated retail stores, a secret recipe which has helped Apple become so successful in the past decade, are needed to help push Android gear as well,” said the website.

The website goes on to explain how Google’s OEM partners, handset vendors and carriers have done a ideal job promoting the platform.

However, an Android retail chain can help to raise its visibility in the world even higher by conveying the brand message more clearly and give customers a place where they can get the scoop on all the latest Android information.