Andy Cohen to Replace Kathy Griffin on CNN New Year's Eve Celebration

CNN has found a new partner for Anderson Cooper for their New Year's Eve special coverage which comedian Kathy Griffin used to do with the anchor.

REUTERS/Danny MoloshokJournalist Anderson Cooper will co-host CNN's New Year Eve's coverage with friend Andy Cohen

"Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen will now team up with Cooper for the New Year's Eve live coverage in 2018. They will be situated in Times Square in New York on Sunday, Dec. 31.

"I've been friends with Anderson for twenty-five years. We've traveled the world together and performed in 30 plus cities with 'AC2' and it's all led to this one huge night," Cohen said about his co-host in a press release following the announcement.

In a statement, Cooper said that Cohen is the life of the party wherever it may be, suggesting that he is the right choice for the New Year's Eve party.

Griffin was fired from the network last spring after it was learned that she participated in a controversial photo shoot that involved her holding up a fake severed head of U.S. President Donald Trump. The Secret Service launched an investigation on the matter, but it was eventually dropped.

She caused quite a stir, even among those who loathe Trump. Chelsea Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Griffin's former co-host Cooper were among those who condemned her for participating in the photo shoot done by Tyler Shields.

Cooper called the photo shoot that Griffin took part in "disgusting" and "completely inappropriate."

The comedian eventually came out and apologized to the public. But she has also demanded an apology from the President for the insults he has made. In an interview with The Cut, she once said that Trump should be held accountable for the comments he makes on Twitter.

On the same interview with The Cut, Griffin said that she is no longer friends with the CNN anchor.

Griffin and Cooper hosted the CNN New Year's Eve special since 2007. The event celebrates CNN correspondents' contributions from across the nation and the world.