Andy Rooney Dead at 92: Twitter Pays Tribute to America's Favorite 'Grumpy Old Man'

Andy Rooney, the legendary commentator known for his humorously cynical viewpoint passed away Friday night due to complications from minor surgery at the age of 92.

Despite his death, the memory of the 60 Minutes broadcaster is sure to live on amongst fans who appreciated Rooney's unique perspective, which is evident by the Twitter tributes for Rooney's "cranky" comments over the years.

@lightboxgallery remembered Rooney for his famous commentator style: "RIP Andy Rooney of 60 minutes. Best cantankerous commentator ever," he tweeted.

@jianghomeshi saw Rooney as more than a TV commentator: "'I don't like any music I can't hum' - RIP Andy Rooney. Garrulous grumbler. Homespun philosopher. And legendary broadcaster. We'll miss ya," he tweeted.

Others remembered Rooney for his unique but familiar style.

@DreamsUnderfoot tweeted: "RIP Andy Rooney. You were my favorite grumpy old man."

"RIP Andy Rooney, the quintessential curmudgeon," tweeted @mamasnark .

@CaughtOffBase said Rooney was his "favorite cranky guy."

Some are planning on remembering Rooney in a way he would probably appreciate. @komcness tweeted: "RIP, Andy Rooney. In your honor, I am going to complain about absolutely everything today."

Of course, some imagine that Rooney will continue his grumpy and cantankerous ways into heaven.

@TheSandboxKid tweeted "RIP Andy Rooney, heaven has got one cranky dude now..."

And @LouBrutus tweeted "RIP ANDY ROONEY: He's now at the Pearly Gates telling St. Peter, 'Y'know what I hate about being an angel? These robes. They're drafty.'"