Angry Customer at Taco Bell: Mistaken Order Sees Man Drive Car Through Entrance

A man in Ohio has become upset as he left a Taco Bell drive-thru window when he discovered that the restaurant forgot include a taco that he had ordered. He became so distraught he proceeded to drive his vehicle through the front entrance of the building.

Police in Huber Heights stated that Michael S. Smith, 23, had placed his order at the drive-thru window last Tuesday and when he pulled away realized that he was missing a taco.

Frustrated that the taco was forgotten Smith went back to the restaurant and confronted the staff over the missing taco. That is when police say that a heated argument between Smith and the employees at the Taco Bell developed, according to WKYC.

Reports indicated that Smith once again left the establishment and returned to his car and then drove his vehicle through the front entrance, before driving off.

Police were called and used the trail of car fluid left by the accident to track the vehicle down a few miles away.

Officer Brandon Sucher indicated that when police confronted Smith he told police that he accidently hit the building after speeding off and losing control of his truck. He was arrested and charged with vandalism.

No one was reported injured during the incident.

This is not the first time that there has been an incident at a fast-food chain over an incomplete order.

A McDonald's manager in Canton, Miss., was shot after messing up a customer's fish sandwich order.

The man allegedly shot the store manager after ordering two Filet-o-Fish sandwiches before discovering that only one was in the bag, according to WAPT.

The man reportedly left the McDonald's location and returned later with a gun.

Vicki McNeil, Chief of the Canton Police Department, said the man appeared to be unstable.

"He insinuated his food hadn't been prepared correctly but it seemed from his mind state, at that time, and that nobody could have done anything that would have been satisfying to him," McNeil said.