Ann Rutherford, 'Gone With The Wind' Actress, Dies at 94

The actress from 1939's iconic film "Gone With the Wind" Ann Rutherford died at age 94 in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday.

A close friend, actress Anne Jeffreys, reported that Rutherford died of declining health problems that led to heart failure, according to The Los Angeles Times.

One of the biggest roles the brunette actress ever landed was Careen O'Hara, the little sister of Scarlett O'Hara, the central character in "Gone With the Wind."

Before that, Rutherford got her start at an early age performing in various radio shows in Canada. Her start in Hollywood occurred in 1935 when she starred in "Waterfront Lady." She moved on to becoming a popular leading actress in Western films alongside actors Gene Autry and John Wayne. Afterward, Rutherford signed a contract with MGM studios which led to films "A Christmas Carol," "Pride and Prejudice," and "Gone With the Wind."

A huge fan of the novel by Margaret Mitchell, Rutherford felt passionately about her role in "Gone With the Wind," despite her manager initially calling it "a nothing part."

"I just wanted to watch the book come to life," she told The New York Times in 2010.

In 1942 she married David May II, with whom she had daughter Gloria. The couple divorced in 1953. The actress married actor and producer William Dozier the same year. Dozier went on the produce the "Batman" TV series of the 1960s. The couple was married until his death at age 83 in 1991.

Rutherford starred in nearly 60 films by 1950. On Twitter Tuesday, fans are posting messages of respect and mourning for the actress.

Ana wrote, "Sad news, Walk of Famer Ann Rutherford has passed away. Flowers will be placed on her star today [Tuesday] at noon."

"Ohh, RIP Ann Rutherford," posted Tan, while Brittney mentioned Rutherford's character in "Gone With the Wind," "Godspeed Careen."

"R.I.P. Ann Rutherford," wrote Emmy. "I'll be watching Gone with the Wind later."

Rutherford is survived by her daughter and two grandsons.