Anna Faris and Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Actors Anna Faris, Will Ferrell, and Kristen Bell among others have acknowledged the mean tweets about themselves while on "Jimmy Kimmel" this week.

To celebrate Twitter's sixth birthday on March 21, the celebrities banded together to highlight some of the tweets they have received on the micro blogging site.

"One of the interesting things about Twitter is that it connects celebrities to the fans and vice-versa," explained Jimmy Kimmel on his show Wednesday.

"Many celebrities actually do the tweeting themselves which means pretty much anytime you like, you can send a message to them, and unless it's someone like Justin Bieber who has 18 million followers, they will probably read it," continued the "Jimmy Kimmel Show" host. "Your message goes directly into their computer or into their pocket which can be good and it can also be bad."

Kimmel added that on Wednesday's episode, the bad parts of Twitter were going to take the focus with the "Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves" video.

"In anticipation of Twitter's 6th anniversary, we asked some celebrities to read their favorite tweets," said the host.

Faris appeared in the video reading her favorite tweet. The "House Bunny" star read, "If you change the 'i' in Anna Faris' last name to a 't' you get 'Anna Farts.' Interesting."

Comedian Ferrell appeared in the video sharing his favorite tweet from the bathroom, reading, "Lol yo Will Ferrell [expletive] dum' spelled d-u-m. I don't know, maybe you're dumb."

Bell read, "Kristen Bell is so [expletive] ugly. Way too ugly to play snow white & the huntsman," as the actress began to cry.

Additionally, stars such as Andy Dick, Joel McHale, Roseanne Barr, Will Arnett, and Kathy Griffin read mean messages from the social media site- all while R.E.M's song "Everybody Hurts" played in the background.