Anna Wintour, 'Vogue' Editor, to Be Named Ambassador?

"Vogue" editor Anna Wintour may have a new job, according to reports within President Obama's administration. She is being considered for an ambassadorship to either the United Kingdom or France, which has people wondering whether Obama is simply rewarding his biggest funders or making a strategic move.

Wintour is known for her tough-as-nails attitude as the editor of "Vogue," and has gained quite the reputation. She was depicted by Meryl Streep in the hit movie "The Devil Wears Prada," and could be compared to a more intense version of Hillary Clinton.

She was born in the United Kingdom and would provide good relations between the two countries, but many have questioned whether her leadership would translate to a successful ambassadorship.

"Wintour is clearly an intelligent, energetic, capable, attractive, elegant person," Susan John, president of the American Foreign Service Association, told Bloomberg news. "But having experience in the practice of diplomacy and international relations is really a great advantage."

Right now, although her name is seemingly on the top of the list, Wintour is not interested in the post.

"She's very happy with her current job," Megan Salt, a spokeswoman for "Vogue," said.

That's not to say she would turn down the position if it were offered. However, there is another person who is decidedly interested in the ambassadorship. Matthew Barzun is the finance chairman of Obama's presidential campaign and has expressed interest in the position, anonymous sources told Bloomberg.

While Wintour and Barzun are contenders for the U.K. position, Marc Lasry, managing partner and founder of Avenue Capital Management, is interested in heading the Paris post.

Obama will have to make tough choices in the upcoming weeks, as he prepares to reorganize his cabinet and national security team. Hillary Clinton's departure from the office of Secretary of State is sure to lead to a showdown with Republicans, who want to see John Kerry fill her role instead of Susan Rice.

As far as the ambassadorships, though, Obama could have a clear path to those assignments.