Ann Curry 'Wasn't Good at Job' Says Brian Stelter (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Brendan McDermid)''Today'' show hosts Ann Curry and Matt Lauer appear on set during the show in New York June 22, 2012.

Ann Curry "wasn't good at her job" according to Brian Stelter, in new comments regarding the Today show host's controversial firing.

In new book, "Top of the Morning," Stelter has said that Curry was not really good at her job and was highly critical of her popular TV host.

Stelter added that "Good Morning America" had already started overcoming their rivals, the "Today" show, after 15 years, and that Curry was largely to blame for that fact. He argued that the shift in ratings towards Good Morning America was an indictment on Curry and a clear indication on how she was doing in her job.

The criticism did not just end there though, and Stelter added that NBC was also to blame, and that producers of the show had allowed the show to go stale.

Curry's co-host has endured a tough time since her firing, and Matt Lauer has even previously described how some people have come up to him and screamed at him on the streets.

Many people are accusing Lauer of being the reason Curry was fired from the Today show.

In December, Lauer was said to be "miserable," some network sources have said, according to celebrity news website TMZ. The website described that Lauer believed people were unfairly blaming him.

People reportedly shouted at him things like, "You're a bad guy," and, "You got Ann Curry fired. Does that make you happy?"

However, Lauer has insisted that Ann Curry's firing from her position on the Today show had nothing to do with him and that it was not his fault. But regardless, the continued abuse, even months after the incident took place, was said to be getting the presenter down.

Towards the end of last year Lauer was also the target of rumors that claimed he could also be fired from NBC and be replaced by "Morning Joe" anchor Willie Geist. However, since those rumors emerged the network has denied any such move was about to take place.

Here is a video of Ann Curry's last show on the Today show: