Anne Hathaway to Sing Cabaret

Hollywood darling Anne Hathaway has agreed to perform songs from the musical "Cabaret" for a one-night-only concert on Oct. 24 in New York City.

The Academy Award-nominated actress will sing as part of celebrating the revitalization of The Public Theatre's downtown home.

According to The Public, Hathaway will sing songs that include "Willkommen," "Cabaret," "Maybe Thus Time," and "Perfectly Marvelous," at Joe's Pub, reported the Associated Press.

Tickets will range from $100 to $300 for "Perfectly Marvelous: The Songs of Cabaret with Anne Hathaway and Friends."

It is not the first time Hathaway has worked with The Public Theatre. The 29-year-old actress appeared in the Public's Shakespeare in the Park production of "Twelfth Night" in 2009.

"I am delighted to reunite with The Public for this special night to celebrate the theatre's rededication, and support its mission to spread great theater to all the people of New York (tourists welcome too)," said Hathaway in a press release.

Tickets are available on The Public Theatre's website beginning on Oct. 2.

Her performance in New York will not be the first time Hathaway has revealed her singing skills. In the trailer for the upcoming film "Les Miserables," the actress sang "I Dreamed a Dream" in character as Fantine.

Hathaway's recent projects include her role as Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises." In 2001, the actress appeared in the hit film "The Princess Diaries" as well as its 2004 sequel. She also appeared in "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Love and Other Drugs," among other films.

In "Les Miserables," Hathaway will star alongside Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baraon Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Redmayne, and Russell Crowe.

The role required Hathaway to alter her usual image; the actress lost a significant amount of weight and chopped her long dark hair for short-cropped hair.

As a Broadway hit in 1987, "Les Miserables" went on to earn an impressive eight Tony Awards including Best Musical.