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Anne Rice, 'The Vampire Chronicles' TV Adaptation: 'Game of Thrones' Production Value Aimed; Who Will Star?

Anne Rice, 'The Vampire Chronicles' TV Adaptation: 'Game of Thrones' Production Value Aimed; Who Will Star?

Anne Rice and her son Christopher Rice are working on the TV adaptation of "The Vampire Chronicles" featuring Lestat. The writing duo wants a "Game of Thrones" production value for the series, but with its own distinction.

"The Vampire Chronicles" from Anne Rice and her son Christopher is headed for television. | Facebook/OfficialVampireChronicles

Christopher told the Desert Sun that a fantasy drama like "The Vampire Chronicles" will undoubtedly get comparisons against "Game of Thrones." The only thing, however, that will make their series close to the HBO show would be in terms of the production's logistics or how novels can play out on the TV platform.

"You have to look at what 'Game of Thrones' is and it's really a war story," Christopher said. "We had to look at what we want our story to be and it's really not about a war."

"The Vampire Chronicles" will take points from the book series that the older Rice first published in the '70s. Her son eventually collaborated in the '90s and the duo produced over 12 novels until 2016.

The story features the fictional lives of vampires in the mid-century with Lestat as the central figure. Anne said in the same interview that she would like Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, a Turkish actor, to play the role.

"That actor to me looks like Lestat," the best-selling author said. "But whether he could play it or would want to play it, I don't know."

Paramount Television and Anonymous Content are behind the show. These studios made a deal with the authors in April.

The Rices are writing and executive producing "The Vampire Chronicles" but casting and filming still hasn't started. No network is attached to the project for now and Anne might consider changing the show's name to "The Vampire Lestat," depending on how the development goes.

Books from "The Vampire Chronicles" were adapted for the big screen before. Tom Cruise starred as Lestat with Brad Pritt and Christian Slater in "Interview With the Vampire" in 1994. Stuart Townsend, on the other hand, played Lestat in the 2002 adaptation of "Queen of the Damned."


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