Anthem Lights: Can't Shut Up About God

Anthem Lights recently released their self-titled debut pop rock album. Since then, their first single, "I Can't Shut Up," has been making an impact.

With a multitude of pop bands at the consumer’s disposal, one could wonder what would make this band stand out. The band, comprised of four members – Alan Powell, Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, and Kyle Kupecky – see themselves as having a bigger purpose in pop music than music itself. They are determined to spread the gospel.

The group originated when Graham and Powell joined forces to produce Graham’s solo album. In the process, they felt the songs would sound better in a group setting. From that point the pieces came together with the addition of Kupecky and Grimm.

The group signed to Reunion Records and began to work on their self-titled debut album.

The first single from the album, “Can’t Shut Up,” carries a message of unashamed faith that they hope to inspire all believers to take part in. The song was inspired by the enthusiasm held by two blind men in Matthew chapter nine that could not keep silent about the miraculous healing Jesus had done for them.

“First of all, we want to have the kind of faith that we’re so moved by what God has done in our lives that we can’t not, not talk about,” says Powell.

The album, infused with live instrumentation, carries a sense of Christian identity and the theme of feeling like a foreigner in this world. Their song “Stranger” captures the essence of the album: “I am a stranger in this world, just passing through ... I won’t be home til I’m with you.”

“As followers of Christ, we were not made for this world,” explains Powell. “We don’t belong here. And all the self-doubt and insecurity and struggling to fit in, it’s all part of believing the lie that we’re supposed to be ‘at home’ here. God created us in His image – there’s nothing to doubt about that! We’re here to love others and be Christ in the world. The closer we get to Christ, to being what we were created to be in this world, our value of what this world values begins to fade.”

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