Anthony Weiner, Sean Hannity Spar Over Scandals, Debt Limit and Obamacare in Heated Interview (VIDEO)

Fox News Sean Hannity had former congressman Anthony Wiener on his program last night in what would become more of a shouting match than an interview.

Hannity began the interview by pressing Wiener if he had learned or changed from the sexting scandal that ended his career. He also pressed him on Sydney Leathers, who said Weiner hated him the most out of all conservative pundits.

Weiner rejected those claims by stating that he "didn't think it was heresy to be on Fox."

The two then began to talk over one another and asking each other what they would do with the debt ceiling. Midway through the interview, Hannity asked Wiener if he was on his show vying for a television show of his own.

The most heated part of the interview came when Wiener accused Fox of having low standards.

"You want a job at MSNBC, I got it. Now I know why you came here today," Hannity said.

"Fox apparently has much lower standards. I'd much rather have a job on FOX," Weiner shot back.

"Ooh, ouch. Want to talk about low standards? Do you want to go there?" the conservative host warned.

"Go wherever you want," said Weiner. "I'm here for an interview."

The former congressman had been hoping to bounce back from a number of controversies, including a high profile sexting scandal that threatened his political career, but finished in fifth-place in the Democratic primary and received only 5 percent of the vote.

"Now, sadly, we did not win this time," Weiner said in his concession speech. "But I could not be more proud of the campaign we ran. We had the best ideas. Sadly, I was the imperfect messenger."

Weiner sunk into further trouble in July, well into his comeback mayoral campaign, when new revelations of online relationships with women surfaced. His wife, Huma Abedin, who is Hillary Clinton's aide, has stood by his side during the campaign trail, but the Huffington Post noted that she was absent from the concession speech.