Anytime Is a Good Time to Appreciate Your Pastor!

In some ways, I don't like the official designation of October to be pastor appreciation month.

I really wish we showed appreciation to pastors all the time. But like many other points of recognition, it does serve as a reminder that we are blessed by our pastors and their ministries.

So how can you bring joy to your pastor? My list of ten is based on the interactions I have with thousands of pastors every year. Some of the affirmations are letters. Many of them have no monetary cost. All of them will be greatly appreciated.

  1. A handwritten letter committing to pray for your pastor. I just spoke with a pastor who received such a gift. He was choked up just talking about it.
  2. A handwritten letter of support. Pastors receive criticism regularly. It's an unfortunate way of life for them. Though many of you support your pastors, they really appreciate your telling them so.
  3. An anonymous letter with cash. Let your pastors know the gift is for them. Most pastors have no extra funds to buy books or resources or even go out to eat.

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