Apocalypse on the Brain

 The release this week of the movie "This Is the End" coupled with Hollywood's intensifying love affair with apocalyptic-type films gave some pastors in the Staten Island, N.Y.-area a chance to answer a local reporter's question, "Why the fascination?"

"The multiplication of apocalyptic movies is a very interesting phenomenon," said Pastor Dave Watson at Calvary Chapel in Mariners Harbor, as reported in a Staten Island Advance article written by Maura Grunlund. In addition to "This Is the End," the pastor noted that the comedy "Rapture-Palooza" was also released this month.

"As we look at the social, economic, ecological, political and moral problems that the human race faces, it is quite predictable that there would be a market for speculation with how it all ends or resets itself," Watson said. "This speaks, I believe, to a spiritual hunger, a desire by humankind to know, and, if possible, control his or her destiny."

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