Apollo Nida's Property to Be Seized?

(PHOTO) Instagram: @PhaedraParksPhaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida could have his property seized if he is found guilty on fraud charges brought against him.

Nida, attorney Phaedra Parks' husband on "Real Housewives of Atlanta," made headlines earlier this year for allegedly creating fake businesses, false bank accounts and using stolen checks while defrauding automotive lenders, according to Access Atlanta. Now, court documents obtained by Radar Online are revealing that he could lose much more than his freedom and reputation if convicted of the crime.

"Upon conviction of the offense alleged… [Nida] shall forfeit to the United States … any property constituting or derived from proceeds obtained directly or indirectly as a result of (his alleged scam,)" Radar Online reports. "If the court can't find or agree upon what that property is, the government will expect a cash payment."

While it seems Parks' name is on the lease for the pair's mansion located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, the publication reports that Nida has some low-end properties in the city under his name.

After he announced that he spends thousands of dollars in adult clubs on his Bravo TV show, fans on Twitter began to speculate about his excessive spending has anything to do with the allegations brought against him.

However Nida insists that he makes his money legally.

"Well, I make money from the (fitness) videos. One of my monthly checks from the videos is $32,000 in sales," Nida told Sister 2 Sister magazine recently. "I mean, we make money. I purchase properties. I flip them. I bought my last house at $12,500; I sold it for $46,500."

He went on to speak about his decision to spend money in places like adult clubs.

"So, it was a party and $8,000 was spent. But it doesn't matter if it's $5,000, if it's $8,000," he told the publication. "If that's your vice and if it's your money and that's what you want to do, cool."

Parks, the lawyer, who moonlights as a mortician and author, is maintaining that her marriage is still intact and that she is standing by her husband amid public legal issues.

"At the end of the day I am a southern belle, we are family and i will support him until this is resolved," she said on Bravo TV's late night show "Watch What Happens Live."