Apple Announcement, iOS 6 and MacBook Pro to Launch Today (VIDEO)

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference is taking place all this week and the company unveiled the next-generation MacBook Pro line of laptops there earlier today.

The new version of the portable computer features a Retina Display with a 2880 x 1800 resolution. This is the highest resolution that a notebook has ever had.

The next-gen Apple notebook features an Ivy Bridge, 2.7GHz quad-core processor, up to 16GB RAM, 60 percent faster graphics, FaceTime HD, dual-microphones, 768GB SSD and USB 3.0.

The computer begins shipping today. It also features a Retina ready version of OS X Lion. An updated Retina version of Aperture and Final Cut Pro X will be available as well.

Retina display versions of Adobe Photoshop, Diablo 3 and Auto Desk are coming soon, according to Apple, who stated that it is working closely with key developers on software for the new MacBook Pro.

Several battery packs and other optimizations will also be available that will better accommodate the Retina display.

Apple will offer the new MacBook Pro for $1199 and $1499 for the 13-inch model and $1799 and $2199 for the 15-inch model, depending on the specifications.

The company also unveiled its new line of MacBook Airs that also feature and Ivy Bridge Processor as well as 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, USB 3.0 and FaceTime HD.

The new line of MacBook airs will begin shipping today.

iOS 6 also was introduced today, and the Apple software has received some significant upgrades, including enhancements for Siri that integrate Yahoo sports. Users can now ask sport-related questions and receive more informed answers.

The system also features improved restaurant integration and can now launch apps by speaking into the device. For example; if a user wants to play Temple Run, they can just speak that command into Siri and the app will launch automatically.

Apple is currently working with car manufacturers to create built-in Siri buttons for the steering wheels in their vehicles. These car companies include BMW, Honda, Mercedes and Toyota.

iOS 6 will also have better integration with Facebook and Twitter. New phone features for the software include a Slide up incoming call slider where a user can choose to be reminded to call a person back or can text them a reply when receiving a call. Users can also FaceTime their phone number to an iPad with the new system.