Apple Cuts Down on Samsung Parts for iPhone 5

Apple has reduced orders from Samsung for internal iPhone 5 components.

Reuters is reporting that Apple will use some Samsung made parts for the next-generation iPhone, however, it is trying to lessen its reliance on the company that has become a huge thorn in its side in recent years.

Apple has taken this action due to its desire to widen its supply chain as Reuters also states that it is not related to the recent patent wars between the two companies.

The first reports of this happening appeared in Korea Economic Daily. The publication stated that Samsung component orders would shrink with the next-generation iPhone. These parts include memory chips, displays and batteries.

Apple finally confirmed the unveiling of the iPhone 5 this week as the company sent out invitations to the event where the device will make its first appearance.

This event will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 12 and the invitation for it reads "it's almost here" with a huge "5" shadow underneath the "12," symbolizing the iPhone 5. This proves that this is not just some random event, but the place where the company will finally unveil a redesigned iPhone.

This new version is expected to be thinner, taller and sport a 4-inch display with improved internal hardware. Apple is also expected to show the final pieces of iOS 6 there. A similar event where the company will unveil the iPad Mini is expected to take place sometime in October.

The new iPhone will come with iOS 6 pre-installed that features an all new maps application with an Apple mapping database. It also has better Facebook integration, shared photo streams, Siri for iPad, new Siri functionality, and an improved Phone app.