Apple Hacked, Perpetrators Targeting iTunes Accounts

Apple has yet to admit that the recent attacks on iTunes were specific hacks rather than some sophisticated bug that can perform very specific actions such as draining the money from your iTunes gift card.

So far various users have complained in the Apple forum that security to their individual accounts was breached with the completion of fraudulent transactions that either drained their credits on their iTunes account or had their credit card or PayPal accounts charted.

So far, such cases have been primarily found in the US but reports of similar cases have been received from Ireland, Britain and Germany, perhaps New Zealand and Canada as well.

According to PC Pro, nothing has been defined on whether the attacks were a massive type of an attack or more of simple attacks targeting individuals.

Nonetheless, these hackings may result in the draining of an amount that could total up in the millions of dollars according to

The hacking reportedly occurred with the download of free game apps with one game namely "Sega's Kingdom Conquest" consistently coming up on complaints. Other free games have also been used to target users.

So far Apple has refused to comment on the issue.