Apple iOS 6 Realease Date Has Arrived: Download Upgrade Today

The release date of the new Apple iOS 6, which was announced by the company last week during the conference which introduced the iPhone 5, has arrived.

If Apple holds to its word, which it most likely will, Apple iOS 6 will be available for download as of today although the time of availability is still unclear. According to the Apple site, the mobile operating system is still "coming soon," but soon should be within the next 24 hours.

The new interface will come just in time for the iPhone 5, which will be officially released on Friday, September 21st. The upgrade will also be available to current customer who already own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for free.

One of the most exciting upgrades on the new operating system will include an Apple takeover on Google maps. Turn by turn directions will now be made possible, in addition to other features that were not previously available through Google.

 A more worrisome change for some on the other hand, is the fact that a YouTube app will not be included in the built-in apps this time around. YouTube has been a built-in app since the iPhone was first introduced, creating obvious concern for some.

Releasing iOS 6 before the new iPhone 5, which will come loaded with the system, is an interesting tactic for Apple. Almost a move towards loyalty, it will allow previous Apple customers to get a first look at the new and improved mobile system two days earlier.

The iOS 6 is Apple's quickest turnaround in operating systems, after iOS 5 was released just last October. The new system promises over 200 new features including, wait for it, an even better way to get to Facebook! Just what the world needed. Thank you Apple.