Apple iOS: Sixth-Grade App Developer is a Technology Tycoon in Training

America may have found the new Steve Jobs.

Thomas Suarez is only in sixth-grade and has been creating applications for the iPad and iPhone.

The California native even gave a presentation describing his apps at TEDx Conference in Manhattan Beach. The conference is reported to hold: “(1) Conferences that involve live speakers and (2) Socials that use recorded TED Talks. With both types of event we talk about the ideas, socialize and have fun.”

“Suarez, who’s not even old enough to have a Facebook account, has been fascinated by computers and technology since before kindergarten. He’s established his own company, CarrotCorp and has made two iOS apps that are currently in the App Store: Earth Fortune, which displays different colors of Earth depending on what your fortune is and his most successful-Bustin Jieber, a Whac-a-Mole for Justin Bieber,” said

On his “Bustin’ Jieber” app, Suarez said: “I created it because a lot of people at school disliked Justin Bieber a little bit, so I decided to make the app.”

In the YouTube clip of his presentation, Suarez talked casually about his apps. Gesturing as if he were the late Apple CEO himself, with a headset and iPad clutched in his arms, the young developer looked as if he was presenting the next generation Apple product.

“A lot of kids these days like to play games, but now they want to make them,” said Suarez in a YouTube clip of his presentation. “And it’s difficult because not many kids know where to go to find out how to make a program…And not many parents have written apps.”

People in the audience laughed and clapped for the young technology protégé. He is even getting great reviews for his “Bustin’ Jieber” app.

On the Apple iTunes Preview page, user Maria C said: “Hey Thom, so... I stumbled upon your TED talk, you clearly are an inspiration for kids and adults. Impressive !! Keep up the good work.”

America, meet your future tech giant.