Apple MacBook Air 2017 Coming Anytime Soon?

Apple is releasing an overwhelming deluge of new products this year, much to the delight of tech junkies. While almost everyone is mostly excited to see its flagship devices such as the iPhone 8 and the iPad Pro, there are still people wondering if the MacBook Air will still get revived in 2017.

(Photo: Facebook/apple)Only the Apple MacBook Pro was revealed last year, and fans are wondering if the MacBook Air is still returning.

Events have come and go with no word about whether the Cupertino tech company will still invigorate the Air line or not. In the held event last year, it was only the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar that debuted, which kind of sparked a speculation that they may be stomping out the MacBook Air.

According to Macworld, there are a lot of reasons to believe that the MacBook Air may have breathed its last years ago. It can be recalled that it only acquired the name "Air" due to its thin design and lightweight feature, yet in succeeding development in Apple laptops, other models have already matched, if not overpowered, the MacBook Air.

As far as portability is concerned, the high-powered iPad Pro may be an alternative. This further fuels the assumption that indeed, it looks like sooner or later, Apple may be announcing the MacBook Air's end, or even worse, let it slip past memories.

There are current incidents, however, pointing to a possibility that Apple may be refreshing the MacBook Air soon. Over at Best Buy, the usually priced $999 model has been slashed down to $799. While some would say that it may be to let go of stocks, there are those who feel it could be a sign that a new model is coming.

Inquisitr thinks that despite not having any recent updates yet, the aging laptop is still a great buy. In terms of battery life, price and legacy ports, the MacBook Air is still relevant.

It will be interesting to see if Apple will still continue with the product, but for now fans can do nothing but wait.