Apple, NTT DoCoMo Negotiate 4G LTE for Upcoming Devices

The Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are expected to have 4G LTE technology.

The IB Times reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with executives of NTT DoCoMo in Japan. NTT DoCoMo is a Japanese mobile phone operator.

They reportedly met to discuss the launch of the next generation iPhone 5 and iPad 3 that are expected to be released in the fall of next year.

Apple and NTT DoCoMo already have an agreement in place. Nikkei Business noted last month that Cook, NTT President Kiyoyuki Tsujimura and Vice President Takashi Yamada met to “fine tune” the details of the agreement.

The iPhone 5 will reportedly feature a 4-inch screen, 4G LTE, near-field communications, and a thinner body.

According to the Pop Herald, NTT DoCoMo denied any such deal with Tim Cook ever happened. The company released a statement stating it does not “even have any concrete / specific / tangible negotiation.”

Although NTT DoCoMo denied it had a meeting with Cook, the iPhone 5 will most likely have 4G LTE due to Android phones adopting the technology in the coming year, as well.

Google, who develops Android, controls 43 percent of the smartphone market, while Apple, who develops iOS, controls 28 percent of the smartphone market. Together they combine 71 percent market share for the entire smartphone market, according to EWEEK.