Apple Siri vs. Microsoft TellMe (VIDEO)

Apple’s Siri personal voice assistant has dominated the smartphone market as of late, but Microsoft claims that their TellMe voice software is better, so Jason from TechAU decided to put both systems to the test.

Jason decided to test the two voice softwares, revealing the vast difference between Siri and TellMe.

First, he attempted to schedule a meeting for 10 a.m. Siri did so, and then reminded Jason that he already had one for 8:45 a.m., earlier in the day. TellMe, conversely, simply searched Bing for “create a meeting tomorrow at teen anal,” which is not what he said.

The process was repeated for actions like sending a text, finding out the time, and playing music. Every time Jason attempted to complete a task, Microsoft’s TellMe came up short.

The Windows 7 voice-recognition software could be falling victim to circumstance, however. Jason’s thick Aussie accent could be throwing off TellMe’s ability to interpret voice. In addition, Siri clearly recognized Jason because it said his name; this could point to Siri’s experience hearing his voice, which would lead to better overall performance.

From what viewers can see in the video, though, Siri triumphs. It makes TellMe look immensely inferior, especially when compared to Microsoft’s video allegedly demonstrating what the software can do.

The debate over voice assistant dominancy began when Craig Mundie, the chief research and strategy officer, compared the two. Mundie told Forbes that TellMe had been present in Microsoft Windows 7 phones for “more than a year,” and suggested that consumers were, “disappointed” with Siri and the Apple iPhone 4S in general.

Mundie also implied that TellMe had many of the capabilities of Siri. He cited iPhone 4S’s lack of new features as the reason Apple chose to market Siri so heavily.

“People are infatuated,” said Mundie, “the only thing [Apple] had to hammer on was that feature (Siri).”

This sparked much discussion about the topic. Because Windows 7 phones were nowhere near as popular as the iPhone 4S, many did not know if Microsoft’s claims about TellMe were legitimate, or if the company was simply downplaying Siri’s success.

The video analysis of Siri vs. TellMe is below.