Apple Store Fifth Ave. Debuts New Look on Nov. 4

The Apple retail store on Fifth Ave. will unveil its new look on Nov. 4.

The New York location has received an extensive renovation to its famous glass cube entryway.

Originally consisting of 90 glass panels, the cube will now have 15 panels, creating the illusion of a "seamless" look, the construction barriers surrounding the cube detail.

In addition to the new look, tech website 9to5Mac reports that the protective bollards around the cube have been removed and new pavers installed. The cube has also had its surrounding water drains replaced.

The location has been considered a major photo attraction in New York.

Apple has released simple blueprints and an artist's rendition of what the new cube will look like.

The six-month renovation has reportedly cost Apple $6 million; just $1 million short of the price the company originally paid to construct the cube in 2005.

According to real estate developer Harry Macklowe, the concept of the cube was another of the late Steve Jobs.

“[Steve Jobs] is solely responsible for the cube,” Macklowe told the Wall Street Journal. “I had different shapes and different ideas, and his cube was somewhat different than what it is now, but it’s Steve Jobs’s idea.”

According to MacRumors, Jobs's "long fascination" with the cube can be seen in several products of his, including the NeXTcube workstation he developed while working at NeXT and the Power Mac G4 Cube he developed after returning Apple.

Apple is also reportedly implementing its new self-checkout program on for the Fifth Ave. store on Nov. 4.

The Apple Store for iOS app will now have a self-checkout option as well as an option for shipping online orders to multiple addresses.