Apple Store Raided by Motorbike Bandits in London

Earlier this morning, a gang of seven thieves on motorbikes raided an Apple store in London and got away with several iPad's and other iOS devices.

The Metropolitan Police of London gave the details on the crime in a statement: "It is believed there were around 7 moped riders/motorcyclists involved, most if not all with a pillion passenger. All persons were in full face crash helmets. Shortly afterwards Islington police saw a moped and followed and attempted to stop it, but it was lost."

The cops were called around 1 a.m. this morning after the Apple store's windows were found smashed in and several devices, such as a valuable iPad, were missing. The seven criminals are believed to have broken the windows, raided the store of its collectibles then escaped on mopeds.

After the crime, officers in Islington came upon a rider and a moped believed to be a part of the raid. Their attempt to stop the moped was unsuccessful, but a similar vehicle was found abandoned at Wyclif Court in St. John Street in London.

Soon after, a 16-year-old boy and 21-year-old man were arrested at the scene on suspicion of burglary. Nathan Tozer, Detective Sergeant of the Westminster CID said, "Although two men are in custody on suspicion of burglary, the inquiry continues and other persons are sought. It is essential that anyone who saw the smash and grab, or the suspects making off, contact us as soon as possible."

Two of the seven thieves are now being held on suspicion of burglary following this morning's burglary at the Apple store in Covent Garden, Central London. The two individuals are currently being held in a North London police station.

The total value of all the stolen goods from the Apple store have not yet been disclosed, but it is believed to be in the thousands of pounds range.