Apple Watch 3 Rumors: Next-Gen Wearable Device to Arrive Along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

AppleShown is the White Ceramic Case with Cloud Sports Band variant of the Apple Watch 2.

While everybody is excitedly waiting for the launch of the iPhone 8, it may not be the only upcoming device to watch out for as the Apple Watch 3 is also suspected to debut along with it.

There is no denying that Apple fans are getting themselves ready for the arrival of the iPhone 8 on Sept. 12. However, rumors claim that it is also likely that the launch event of the highly anticipated smartphone will also be the venue for the launch of the third-generation wearable device from the Cupertino-based company, the Apple Watch 3.

While it remains unclear whether the Apple Watch 3 will, indeed, debut along with the iPhone 8, there are already several rumors attached to it. Reportedly, the latest Apple wearable device will be offered in two variants, and one of which will, supposedly, have a straight update with a faster processor and better screen. The other variant, meanwhile, is rumored to boast of its own 4G/LTE capability and won't need to connect to an iPhone for it to fully deliver its functions.

Apart from possibly coming with its own 4G/LTE capacity, it is also rumored that the Apple Watch 3 will come with a longer battery life that will get rid of the need to charge the device on a daily basis. It is also alleged to come with a Nike variant, only for the straps and the device's color, though.

Among the many rumors attached to the Apple Watch 3, though, one thing that excites fans the most is the rumors claiming it will have its own camera. This means that would-be owners of the wearable device can easily take a selfie or engage in a FaceTime moment without using their iPhone. However, as a camera can add weight to the wearable device, some tech pundits doubt whether Apple is incorporating a camera to its Apple Watch 3.

Apart from the Apple Watch 3, reports claim that another smartphone may debut along with the iPhone 8 — iPhone X. This is not the first time for the supposed tenth anniversary iPhone to be rumored, though, as the iPhone X has already been in the rumor mill since late last year.