Apple’s 2011 Black Friday Sales Deemed Successful

Apple saw a successful year in 2011 for its Black Friday sales event.

An Apple retail insider revealed some of the sales numbers to technology website 9to5Mac for the company’s event on the year’s biggest shopping day.

“Apple Retail was forecast and broke Retail sales records all over the country today, this is from [redacted] today, the forecast today is more than 4 times what we normally do. We broke the forecast by 7 p.m.,” said the insider.

Apple originally forecasted selling 4 times the amount of products its retail outlets normally sells.

However, the original prediction was blown away by 7 p.m. on Black Friday.

Apple offered the lowest prices around on popular big-ticket items, such as the iPad.

The source also added that sales of the MacBook Air were also extremely high contributing to one of Apple’s most successful Black Fridays to date.

Apple rarely discounts any of its popular items, such as the iPod, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Desktop and iPad, throughout the normal shopping year.

However, with the company finally giving customers a break on some of its high priced electronics, it was nearly impossible for consumers to resist the temptation for getting their hands on an Apple product at a cheaper price.

Apple also saw success on this year’s black Friday because the company currently has more retail outlets open than ever before, including many new stores in various places in China.

Some locations set up express lines year-round due to the high volume of traffic coming in and out of the Apple stores.

Express lines are normally used on special occasions, such as Black Friday, to handle the large amount of customers looking to buy Apple products.