Apple's iPad 2 Outperformed by Less Popular Tablets?

There is no question that Apple’s iPad 2 is the most dominant tablet on the market; however, as other major companies get into the tablet business, they are producing devices that outperform the iPad.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Nobel’s Nook have provided customers with a price alternative. The Kindle’s $200 price tag is less than half of what the iPad costs, and the Nook’s $250 price tag is a big drawing measure against the iPad 2.

Price is not the only fixture that outdoes the iPad 2, though. The Nook and Kindle Fire also offers a more reading intensive experience according to experts. Each of those devices earlier versions was initially created for users who intended to use their tablets primarily for reading.

The Nook and Fire have constantly received good reviews for their user-friendly screens that make it easier to read books in any environment.

Those who are searching for a tablet to compliment their Android smartphone may also find the other tablets more suitable than the iPad.

For instance, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Verizon allows customers to use Big Red’s super-fast 4G LTE connectivity when away from a Wi-Fi signal. This could be an alternative to Android users who are on Verizon, because it will allows them to efficiently synchronize information across all devices. Apple also touts a more closed iOS system.

In addition, the Apple iPad is considered the essential tool for leisure and style, while others may find tablets more suited for different purposes.

“After the underwhelming debut of the RIM Blackberry PlayBook, business-focused users have few options for tablets that conservative IT compliance managers can embrace,” said Marty Gabel of website Androidapp. “The HP Slate, which is powered by Microsoft’s Windows 7 software, is suitable for professionals who need the flexibility to work away from their traditional desktop or laptop setup.

The iPad 2 could also have competition for customers who need topnotch gaming functionality.

According to Android’s website, the upcoming Asus EE Pad Transformer Prime could try offering the iPad some much needed competition in the gaming field. It sports NVIDIA’s hugely powerful Tegra 3 processor, boasts a vibrant 10.1-inch 1280x800 touchscreen, 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It also offers a keyboard and trackpad dock for extra versatility.

“Perhaps if Asus and NVIDIA are smart, they will launch the tablet with some gaming exclusives to showoff that new chip. This is one powerful beast which should be able to handle any task thrown at it,” Gabel said.

So, as customers continue to shop for the tablet that better suits there needs, tablets like the Kindle Fire, Nook and HP Slate can fill in voids where the iPad 2 falls short.