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Are Christians Notoriously Bad Tippers?

A waiter expressed outrage after what looked to be a $10 tip turned out to be a Christian tract with no money left over.

Seeing the note sticking out from under the plate, he reached for it excitedly before he turned it over and read, "SOME THINGS ARE BETTER THAN MONEY, like your eternal salvation that was bought and paid for by Jesus going to the cross."

Daily Finance said the waiter makes around $2.65 an hour, and wasn't happy about the whole situation. "P.S. I have never been more atheist," he said on a picture he sent to Reddit of the fake money.

Records of these apparently fake bills goes back to 2006 when a blogger spoke to a waitress who was practically crying because of the terrible tips and bounty of money tracts she received after the Southern Baptist Convention came through Greensboro, N.C.

"She asked us if we knew what it felt like to pick up what you thought was a great tip, only to find out that it was not real, and that the patron had actually been a cheapskate, after she served them well?," reported the Daily Finance.

The director of a Lutheran ministry, Justin Wise, told the Daily Finance that Christians are notoriously bad tippers and many servers try not to work during the Sunday brunch hours because of the amount of churchgoers in the restaurant.

"Christians don't tip very well," he wrote in 2009 for The Lutheran magazine. "As a matter of fact, we're pretty cheap. What makes this worse is that we paint 'cheap' with a religious-sounding veneer and call it 'being a good steward.' Nothing like hiding behind the Bible to camouflage your stinginess."

Many people wrote back to Wise and agreed with his passage.

"By leaving tracts and not tips, that person is saying to their waiter or waitress, 'You are not a person, but rather just a notch on my belt of evangelistic pride,' " wrote pastor of a Baptist church in Cleveland, Daniel Readle on his blog "Christ and Culture."

However, in a study conducted by Cornell University, results showed Christians tip among the highest of all studied, but at the same time had the lowest percentage of tips among those who were stingy.

Finance reported, Christians gave 17.3 percent to their server. The study found 13 percent of Christians left less than 15 percent which is the standard. The 13 percent was almost double that of any other belief.

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