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Are Liberals Blind to Their Own Bigotries?

Are Liberals Blind to Their Own Bigotries?

The Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput has argued that liberals who accuse conservative Christian religious freedom organizations of being "hate groups" are guilty of having hatred in their own hearts fueled by an underlying anger.

In his weekly column posted on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website on Thursday, the 72-year-old Chaput, who is known for having conservative views on social issues, seemingly compared what is happening with American political discourse in the United States today to the 2002 horror film "28 Days Later."

"The plot is simple. Animal-rights activists break into an experimental disease lab in Britain. They free a group of innocent test monkeys from their cages. That's the good news. The bad news is that the monkeys are infected with a weaponized, fiercely communicable rage virus," Chaput wrote. "The monkeys attack their liberators. The humans immediately catch the virus. They then attack each other and anyone else they can grab."

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