Are We Splitting the Gospel on Party Lines?

 Are you as tired of petty partisanship as I am? Are you "fed up" with attempts to divide people?

What's truly tragic in an ironic way is that many of our divisions make no sense at all! For example, are you an American passionate about the health and safety of all babies being nurtured in the womb? If so, you are most likely against abortion-on-demand, and you are drawn to supporting the Republicans. However, are you passionate about the healthy environment of all people once they are born? If so, you are now likely drawn to supporting the Democrats and their programs for protecting and improving the environment.

Moreover, if you work to build common ground on these "two" crucial pro-life positions, many Democrats and Republicans – perhaps even your own friends and family – will keep their distance! Why cannot everyone endorse pro-life and a healthy-environment attitude that covers before and after birth? Partisanship has blinded people to this obvious, deeper, Biblical life-affirming commitment. The time has come for Gospel-oriented people to move way past this destructive divisiveness and reject petty partisanship.