Are You Ready for Marriage?

 A viral blog post argues that no couple will ever truly be "ready" for marriage, and that the various ways people "test the waters" before "tying the knot" do not really work. Christian relationship experts agreed, but warned that believers should not be too hasty to say "I do."

"You can't comfortably transition into an eternal vow," wrote blogger Matt Walsh. "We commonly view living together as a logical step before marriage, but it isn't," because the lifelong commitment to another human being is not something you can "try out." Rather, "you make it, and then it's made."

Christian relationship expert Ruthie Dean agreed, but cautioned believers to "make sure that we're more ready without stepping into the sin of cohabiting or having premarital sex." Dean, coauthor of the book Real Men Don't Text: A New Approach to Dating, suggested there are ways to prepare for marriage and admitted that the secular world can teach the Christian world a thing or two about waiting to tie the knot.