Ariel Winter Custody Awarded to Sister; Dad to Handle Finances

Ariel Winter has been through a lot lately, and for now, it appears that she will have a bit of stability. A court ruled that she will temporarily remain in the custody of her sister, Shanelle Gray, while her father, Glenn Workman, will control her finances.

Winter had been separated from her mother, Chrisoula Workman, after allegations of abuse were made and Child Protective Services investigated. The "Modern Family" star moved in with her sister and has attempted to sever any ties with her mother. The court ruled yesterday that "Chrisoula Workman shall have no contact with nor in any way interfere with Ariel Winter Workman's professional relationships and business contacts," according to Fox News.

The family will undergo counseling with the hope of restoring communication and relationships. Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas told the court, "I do believe things are going to get better. I'm thrilled we're taking that first step."

Yet for now, Winter at least has a stable place to call home. She and sister Shanelle have been living together since October when news of the abuse allegations first broke. Shanelle has since stated that she was abused by her mother as well and was removed from her home as a teenager.

"It looks like the court is going to order therapy and counseling to help keep us together as a family," Winter's older brother Jimmy told reporters.

The allegations and ensuing custody battle have left the family broken, with Shanelle and April not speaking to their mother or Jimmy, who has sided with his mother from the very beginning, according to People magazine.

"My mother is a loving parent who's done everything for her children. We want our younger sister to come home with our parents. I don't think [Hollywood] is ruining her (April); she's a good kid. I love my sister and I want to see her," he added.

Even though Chrisoula left the courthouse in tears, her attorney, Anita Gumm, remained hopeful.

"It looks like everything will work out. We're happy for the family," she told the press.