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Ariz. Clergy Doubtful About Purported Jesus Image at Airport

Ariz. Clergy Doubtful About Purported Jesus Image at Airport

Various pastors in Arizona living near an airport that some believe has a miraculous image of Jesus Christ on its tile floor have expressed skepticism over the claim.

Recently, individuals at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport have claimed that a smudge on the floors of terminal three bears a miraculous resemblance to Jesus.

However, Chuck Foreman, pastor of teaching and missions at First Christian Church of Phoenix, told The Christian Post that "it looks more like a grease smudge to me."

"If I were to assign it a look-a-like image, I would choose a jellyfish, not Jesus. By the way, what does, did Jesus look like anyway? No one really knows," said Foreman.

"A smudge image on a floor, open to the interpretation of the beholder is, it would seem, completely without purpose. I doubt Jesus would claim credit for it. Nevertheless, I do believe he would definitely ride coach if he were among us today."

A photo of the "Tile Jesus" image can be found here.

Bobby Torres, pastor at Phoenix's Spirit Life Church, told The Christian Post that he was "a bit skeptical" regarding the claims of miraculous origin for the image.

"History records many inexplicable phenomen[a]. I am a bit skeptical but I never rule out that a miracle or strange occurrence may have taken place," said Torres.

"I believe these stories manifest because people either perceived that they experienced a miracle or it actually happened."

Recently, some visitors to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport noticed that one of the tiles on the floor by the North Security Checkpoint had a nickel-sized smudge that bore an apparent resemblance to the traditional image of Jesus Christ.

Passengers have expressed differing opinions regarding what the smudge looked like exactly, with local media reporting diverse opinions as to what it resembled and, if it was miraculous, why it manifested. The image has already gotten the nickname "Tile Jesus."

Other recent places where the face of Jesus has been allegedly appearing supernaturally have included a hotel window, a drop cloth, and the occasional fabric softener spill.

Regarding a 2011 story about a Texan couple finding an alleged image of Jesus in a knot of cut wood, University Baptist Church in Austin Senior Pastor Larry Bethune commented on the problem regarding all Jesus image claims.

"Since we have no photographs or actual images of Jesus from his own time, who can say whether the image depicted in the knot of wood resembles Jesus or not?" said Bethune in an earlier interview with The Christian Post.

"Perhaps such 'apparitions' reassure some believers, but they reflect our faith poorly to nonbelievers and confirm the widespread opinion that all Christian belief is superstition."

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport did not return comment to The Christian Post by press time.


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