Ariz. Girl Tries Sending Note to God Using Balloon; Asks Him to 'Protect Mom'

An Arizona woman is trying to track down a family in need after finding a note addressed to God, asking Him for help and protection.

Carol Marshall of Gilbert, Ariz., tells local media outlets that she recently found a deflated balloon and an attached handwritten note hanging from one of the palm trees in her backyard. The note was written by a young girl named Sophia, most likely 8 to 11 years old, and asked God for help because her family is "going through tough times."

"Dear God, I am thankful to you because you have given me life," the letter read, as reported by WTVR-TV. "I ask you to help our family – because we are going through tough times."

"I ask you to protect my mom because she goes to work from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. I get really worried about her because she hardly eats at work," the letter adds.

Marshall believes that the girl attached the note to a balloon, hoping that it would eventually reach God in Heaven. Marshall adds that she felt almost an immediate bond with the girl after reading her sweet letter, and wants to somehow help the family in need. The only problem is finding the girl. The letter provides some vague clues, including that Sophia loves to dance and goes to elementary school somewhere near Gilbert.

"I tend to be somebody who wants to save all the lost puppies," Marshall said. "My automatic thought is – wouldn't it be great to do something nice for this girl and her family?"

The Gilbert woman added that she thinks the letter is a deeper indication of how people can work through God to do His will. "To me it goes a lot deeper showing her that people actually work through God, and are going to help Him for her."

In a similar story from December 2013, two foster sisters from Knox County, Tennessee, had their wish granted after they sent a prayer balloon with a note into the sky, asking God to grant them a "forever" home with good adoptive parents.

The girls' balloon floated all the way from Tennessee to Maryland, where residents of a local trailer park found the note and deflated balloon and mailed it back to the young girls. Shortly after sending the balloon, the girls received their wish, being placed with their foster parents Lynn and Dennis, who they have been living with for two months.

The adoptive parents believe that the note being sent back to their family is a sign they were supposed to permanently adopt the girls. "I can just see God taking this balloon and blowing it in the right direction. To be found and be sent back to us to tell us he approves for us to be able to adopt these girls," Lynn told the local media outlet WBIR-TV.