Arizona Christians Warn Prince Harry: 'Don't Fornicate the Night Away'

British royal in town for military training is told to leave playboy reputation at home

Prince Harry is in a small Arizona town for military training, but the mayor wants him to know that the local residents are "good Christians" who will not put up with the British royal's hard-partying, playboy reputation.

"There are probably some fathers here who would go to extremes to protect their daughters," said Ron Henry, the mayor of Gila Bend, Ariz., in an interview with the Daily Mail. "Some of the dads won't take too kindly to a Prince fornicating the night away."

He added: "It is a very quiet town with a lot of good Christian people. This isn't a party town."

Prince Harry is in Gila Bend, home to "1,700 friendly people and 5 old crabs," according to a highway welcome sign, as part of a two-month, advanced weapons training course.

He will also do environmental training, live firing, tactical exercises, and Apache helicopter training, according to KSAZ-10. The British Air Force (BAF) conducts this this type of training in Arizona because the terrain and climate is similar to Afghanistan, where Harry could eventually be deployed, although that cannot not confirmed, due to BAF policy.

Prince Harry was previously based near San Diego for training, where he built on his reputation for hard-partying by being seen in various clubs around the coastal city and being allegedly involved in a romance with an attractive bartender who has a boyfriend, according to several rumors.

So far the prince has managed to lie low. Michelle Green, the waitress at a restaurant where Harry recently dined, said, "He was a gentleman."

However, temptation could arise. According to the mayor: "'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we have some very pretty girls here."

Also, one local resident warned that "here are a lot of girls in town who would kill to meet a British prince, I think he is going to be swamped when he comes here."

But not everyone is impressed. Terry Fransworth, interviewed by the Daily Mail while on his horse, said, "I have no idea who Prince Henry [sic] is."