'Ark: Survival Evolved' News: v750 Update Goes Live for Xbox One Console

Steam/ARK: Survival Evolved"ARK: Survival Evolved" gameplay screenshot

The "Ark: Survival Evolved" open-world, action-adventure game just got a content patch. Update v750 for the Xbox One has dropped, and it is rather extensive. It includes new mechanics, player gear, a new third-person mode plus a new event, on top of new servers, optimizations and user interface improvements. Most importantly, there are several new dinosaurs in the mix.

This update will bring the "Ark: Survival Evolved" Xbox One version on par with that of the PC. All the features for the PC version up to v254.93 will be coming via the v750 update for the Microsoft console.

On top of the list for these features is the hair mechanics — hairstyles and facial hair have been implemented, and they will even grow in real time. What's more, they can be customized with hair dyes and haircuts.

The entire Tek Tier Phase 1 set is also available now: Tek Engram system, Element Resource system, Tek Replicator, Tek Rifle, Tek Helmet, Tek Visor, Tek Jetpack, Tek Boots, Tek Gloves, Tek Rex Saddle, Tek Transmitter and others. A jousting Lance has been added, as well as the ability to wield a Shield while mounted.

An extensive update to TheCenter covers a long laundry list of bug fixes, optimizations and rebalancing, plus a few items and creatures on the side. A third-person mode has also been added, activated by holding down the Map button and then choosing third person. There are a few settings added for the Single Player and Server hosting interfaces as well.

Of course, the dinosaurs — the new ones for this content drop — are the Ovis Aries, the Basilosaurus, the Baryonyx and the Purlovia.

The ARK Valentine's Day event also starts for a limited time until Feb. 20. This event features limited edition "Romantic" face and head customizations and an unlockable new "heart" emote. A new item drop and a server switch are available just for the duration of this event. The items and the server switch unlock boosts to speed up dinosaur mating and breeding times.