'Ark: Survival Evolved' Gets Full Release in August

YouTube/ARK: Survival EvolvedStudio Wildcard has just released the "Ark: Survival Evolved" update on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

After being launched and made available via Early Access for a couple of years while gaining as many as 9 million players around the world, "Ark: Survival Evolved's" full release will finally be out this summer. This week, developer Studio Wildcard officially announced that the game will be released on Aug. 8 worldwide and will be available across all platforms.

Studio Wildcard co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz shared: "During the past two years, millions of Ark players have built gigantic bases, captured and trained armies of dinosaurs, crafted armories full of weapons and eaten billions of pounds of Jurassic creature-kabobs. With their help, we're about to reach the completion of core content for Ark: Survival Evolved and release the full game to the world." 

Stieglitz also announced that the upcoming game will include new content, as well as additional gameplay, creatures and story elements.

On the day of its digital launch, the game will likewise be available at retail locations for consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. "Ark: Survival Evolved" will also come with improved 4K support on the Xbox One X.

The game is currently available for pre-order with a price tag of $60. However, that is just for the base game. The Explorer's Edition costs around $100 and comes with a season pass, which will let players access all the available expansion packs. Also available for pre-order is the Limited Collector's Edition, which costs $160 and offers lots of free items.

This week, Studio Wildcard also released on Steam the modder-made map Ragnarok, which serves as "Ark's" first official expansion. Among the features of the new map are caves of various shapes and sizes, hot springs, challenging dungeons, several varieties of former ARK creatures, an ocean that has its own ecosystem, an active volcano that gives out huge amounts of resources, and a lot more.