Armed Good Samaritan Stops Robbery of Woman's Purse and No One Gets Hurt; Public Calls Him a Hero

(Photo: Screen Grab via KHOU)An armed good Samaritan subdues two crooks from snatching the purse of a mother.

A good Samaritan armed with a gun who prevented two crooks in Houston, Texas, from snatching the purse of a mother while she shopped with her two children without hurting anyone is now being praised as a hero and hailed as the face of appropriate gun ownership.

"It happened so fast," said Brenda Vasquez, who manages the Family Dollar store in northeast Houston where the incident took place, according to KHOU.

"This lady opens her car door, grabs the woman's purse and they reverse. While they're trying to reverse, the lady is holding on to her purse still, chasing them all the way to the middle [of a parking lot]," she continued.

She said the mystery hero who was sitting in his car in the parking lot while this was happening suddenly stepped out and interrupted the criminals.

"And that good Samaritan came out, drew his weapon and scared them. And that's when he pulled them out of the car," said Vasquez.


An onlooker snapped pictures of the brave gun owner keeping the male and female suspects at bay until police arrived a few minutes later and took them into custody. The man then reportedly bought some candy for his children and drove off.

"The guy is something else," said Vasquez. "He's a hero."

And the members of the public reacting to the report on Facebook and other social media agreed.

"When the cops are minutes away, your concealed gun is at the ready. Good move by this young black man. We need more of those guys. More guns, less crime," said Mahmoud A Shmaitelly.

"This guy deserves a huge award! I had someone steal my stuff by 'sliding' up next to my car while I was on the other side of the car. I can only hope these jerks this brave guy caught today are the same ones who robbed me," said Katie Cortes.

"Good guy with a gun stops a crime. Perps go to jail, nobody gets hurt. Perfect!" noted Monte Harrison.

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