'Arms' Gets Dr. Coyle as Final Addition to Character Roster

"Arms" just added their latest new fighter in the roster, and it's none other than the mysterious head of ARMS Lab, Dr. Coyle. She will also be the last new character coming out for the base game, as Nintendo announced that they will be focusing solely on balance patches after the version 5.0 update.

The green-haired genius is the chief scientist of ARMS Lab, and she has worked tirelessly on researching new weapons for herself and others. She not only started the Party Crash program, she also has two Arms to her name — Hedlock and Helix — as Nintendo outlined in her backstory.

NintendoDr. Coyle joins the cast of "Arms" as part of the free 5.0 update.

"She simply wants to be the most powerful ARMS fighter of all time...even if that means subjecting herself to her own experiments," Nintendo added in her character description, noting that she has no hobbies as she only has time for ARMS.

As a new character, she comes with the game's free version 5.0 update, which also packs other new content. A new stage called "[NAME REDACTED]" has also been added to fit Dr. Coyle's persona, as well as three new arms called Lokjaw, Parabola and Brrchuk.

Players simply need to update their copy of "Arms" to version 5.0 to start playing as Dr. Coyle, and it should be an automatic upgrade in most cases.

Players can also update the game themselves by highlighting the game icon in the Home Menu of their Nintendo Switch, pressing the Plus (+) button, and choosing Software Update from the menu that pops up. An online connection is required, of course.

Dr. Coyle will also be the final character coming to the base "Arms" game, as Nintendo announced on their Japanese website via Kotaku. The company announced that after "Arms" version 5.0, they will only be putting out balance patches and the occasional fix for the fighting game.