'Arms' Update Will Introduce Mr. Brass as 1st DLC Character

Facebook/NintendoSwitchMr. Brass will be available after Nintendo's second update.

Nintendo is really stepping it up when it comes to their all-new Switch console. During the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2017, Nintendo announced a number of titles coming to the Switch, which include "Rocket League," "Yoshi" and "Kirby". But while it may take a while for these games to come to the Switch, know that Nintendo has also just released two new games for the console which players are sure to enjoy.

One of these games is "Arms." On Friday, Nintendo officially released their newest fighting game on the Switch but before this, the company also revealed the first DLC character for "Arms." The new character will be Mr. Brass, but he isn't entirely a "new" character since he is also featured in the single-player game as a boss. However, it would be surely cool to see the character being played in the multiplayer mode.

"He's basically the greatest champion in the history of the Arms Grand Prix," Masaaki Ishikawa, the art director for "Arms," said in an interview during the E3. In fact, his arms are even made out of championship belts, and he is also the head of the "Arms" league.

Sadly for the players who have already purchased the game, they would still have to wait for the second update before they get to see Mr. Brass in action. In Nintendo's first update, "Arms" will feature a spectator mode.

"Arms" is rather different from other fighting games since it features up to four players battling it out in a virtual arena. "Featuring a unique multiplayer fighting sport that lets you trade blows using extendable arms, this game includes elements of both boxing and shooting games, plus an all-new cast of characters," Nintendo said about their newest game.

In "Arms," players can either compete with the computer, against other players around the world, or against a friend using a second set of Joy-Con.